Valdes Investigation Group offers surveillance, background checks, medical canvassing, social media and more. Servicing banking institutions, individuals, insurance, law firms and government agencies.
We understand that your case information is extremely sensitive and confidential, which is why we make sure that your data is safe and secure. Clients will obtain important case details, along with client communication, videos, documents; easy to manage and easy to view.
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Connect the phone to our machine, and the V.I.G experts will provide you with a complete forensic extraction report created by a certified expert. No technical expertise is required. No wait times on a lab.


Cell phone spyware is a very real and present danger. It is powerful, easy to install, and allows unlimited access to your private information. Someone can access all of your texts, passwords, photos, emails, and locations without your knowledge from anywhere in the world.

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Our Company

Valdes Investigation Group

V.I.G. specializes in a full array of services including criminal, civil, corporate, domestic, insurance, and security cases. With over 40 years of experience with all facets of the investigation process including state and federal cases, witness location, evidence, statements, case mitigation and resolution. Specializing in high profile and complex investigations involving financial fraud, missing persons, and due diligence investigations.

Valdes Investigation Group is a prestige investigative firm providing professional services. Originated and headquartered in Miami, Florida with over five million in insurance coverage. In our years of operation our expertise has grown to a full-service investigation agency. We carry all the required insurance and our investigators are all state licensed private investigators under Chapter 493, Florida Statutes. (

V.I.G. serves the following industries: insurance companies, banking institutions, legal institutions, government agencies and/ or private clients. Valdes Investigation Group will achieve goals without impairing our services, obligations, violating privacy laws, or fair practice acts.

40 Years of Experience

Our Team

V.I.G. is led by over 40 years of combined investigative, law enforcement, military and fraud examiner experience.

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Valdes

Ms. Valdes a Hispanic, native Floridian offers 15 years of demonstrated experience in leading Business Administration and 6 years extensive investigative experience. Ms. Valdes has proven success in high stress environments including but not limited to, investigations, overseeing private businesses and detecting and investigating insurance fraud.

She possesses a comprehensive management style with proven leadership abilities and the ability to bring individuals together for a common goal. With excellent interpersonal skills she has developed strong ties with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, resulting in successful prosecutions and financial restitution.

Successfully investigated "rings" resulting in savings of over $ 5,000,000 relating to false insurance claims. Obtained a vast amount of written/recorded statements, prepared reports, testified in court, assisted law enforcement and attended sworn depositions.

Ms. Valdes has an unrelenting commitment to solving problems and getting results. Adept at cultivating partnerships and building lasting relationships across all public and private sectors. Hardworking, honest, loyal and extremely dependable.

Ms. Valdes has a keen eye for details and specifics, while maintaining complete discretion. She’s completed thousands of accountable investigation hours while consistently maintaining exceptionally high standards of quality above all expectations.

Operations Director

Sgt. Ramirez

Sgt. Ramirez a Hispanic, native Floridian with over 25+ years of experience. Dynamic Law enforcement professional gaining a broad spectrum of knowledge in different fields. Proven ability to plan, direct, supervise, and train law enforcement staff with a sound understanding of investigations, crime prevention, community relations, and related services.

Assuming responsibility for assigned special programs, projects, and department-wide functions and activities. Coordinating activities with other agencies such as Narcotics Bureau, Major Case Squad/Kidnapping Unit, Special Response Team / Dignitary Protection Unit Team, Tactical Narcotics Team and Robbery Intervention. Possessing exceptional knowledge of applicable Federal, State, County, and City laws and ordinances and departmental rules and regulations.

An ethical and integral individual with a proven track record and the ability to lead by example and confidently assume command when necessary. Able to deal effectively with people having diverse social and economic backgrounds.


Valdes Investigation Group

Valdes Investigation Group, LLC, who's headquarters is located in Miami, Florida, is a licensed Investigation Agency with various offices statewide, nationwide, and in the Caribbean. In our years of operation our expertise has grown to full service investigations. Valdes Investigation Group, LLC provides a full service investigation agency to serve the following industries: Insurance Companies, Banking Institutions, Legal Institutions, and/ or Government Agencies. Valdes Investigation Group, LLC will achieve the mentioned goals without impairing our services, obligations, violating privacy laws, or fair practice acts.

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The quality and excellence of every investigation that we handle reflects our commitment to our clients. Our clients will find communication is the very essence of our business. Update on investigations via state-of-the-art case management software. In an industry that has been traditionally active, Valdes Investigation Group clients have recognized the benefits utilizing the agency's wide range of services before being victimized as well as after problems have been discovered.

Today's business men and women have learned to protect their business reputations by seeking critical background information on potential employees, clients, business partners, and borrowers and have reduced their risks by retaining V.I.G. prior to making business decisions, loans, or other business commitments.