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Need A Drone Pilot?

We provide you with the highest quality images and video available by drone. We look forward to creating a custom package for you that fits all your aerial photography and videography needs.

Drone Building Inspections

Drone inspections are a more effective solution than manual inspection because it saves time and resources. 

Aerial Panoramic Photography

With panoramic aerial photography, you can create interactive 360 photography of anything you want. 

Documentation & Notification

Elevate your next production with aerial media. We provide all types of productions with 4k – 5.2k quality aerial video by drone or helicopter.

Drone Roof Inspections

We inspect and measure, provide hi-res photos, videos, thermal images, 3D models, & more for residential or commercial real estate. 

Reasons To Hire A Licensed Drone Aviation Pilot:


Licensed & Insured Drone Operators


Commercial Real Estate Photography


Residential Real Estate Photography


Protect company from future attacks.

Reasons to Use Our Drone Services


You Retain the Copyright to Your Videos and Can Resell As Stock Footage


No Technical Skills Required. You Don't Even Have to Be at the Shoot!


For Realtors, Receive MLS-ready Video & Photo Pages with Every Order


We Follow All Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations


We are a Licensed and Insured Drone Operations Company


All Our Videos Are Shot with 4K Ultra High Definition Cameras


Our Drone Solutions and Packages Include Everything, No Additional Fees


We're the Industry Leader in Fast Turnaround Time, Less Than 48 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions 



Octo Digital Forensics helps prevent hacks.  Call us today to scan for malware or spyware

What is your drone turn around time?
We think it’s great when clients give us a one-week notice prior to a shoot; however, we often aren’t afforded that much time and are happy to help you more quickly if you need it. We can deliver edited still photos within 24 hours following the time of the shoot.
Do I need to be on site for the drone shoot?
It is typically not necessary for you to be on-site for the shoot; however, you are welcome to join us if you feel it will be beneficial. Our pilots are trained professionals and can capture high-quality imagery in just about any setting. Please note that if you do opt to join us on the shoot, scheduling times might be delayed as this will have to be coordinated with multiple parties. We will share our project intake form with you prior to scheduling the project. This form allows you to describe your preferences, goals, and objectives in full detail. Most of our clients choose to communicate online or over the phone.
Can you fly by airports?

It depends. Although it is true there are some locations and areas that are either off-limits or have additional height restrictions, we can fly near, or even at, most airports if we can obtain the necessary legal permission. 

If you are unsure of the viability of a particular location, shoot us an email or give us a call. We’re happy to help take a look!

Can you capture the entire property in 1 photo?

This largely depends on the nature of your project and the size of the property. Our pilots can legally fly at heights of up to 400 feet in most locations. A good rule of thumb is to assume the drone can capture about 20 acres in a single, nadir (camera pointing directly down), shot from 400 feet.

If you are not looking for nadir shots, and would instead prefer oblique shots (captured at an angle), the imagery can include a much wider territory as the camera will be pointing out into the horizon.