“We cannot assure you results, but we can guarantee you effort”

Private Investigators and Detectives



Valdes Investigation Group inspired by the passion of helping others by assisting in the return of lost/unclaimed assets to people. Our research team searches thousands of databases to find stale/lost/unclaimed money/assets and locate who we believe to be the rightful owners. A large percentage of the time these assets go unclaimed because the agency or institution holding the money is unable to determine the rightful owners. Through our research and analyst team we go the extra mile to locate the rightful heirs and assist them in the legal process of claiming what is rightfully theirs.

There is is close to 60 Billion Dollars that is available with state governments, financial institutions, and/or companies. The most common unclaimed money is ‘no owner contact’ for forgotten checking and savings accounts, as well as security deposits, IRS unclaimed refunds, uncollected insurance checks and even inheritance that is simply sitting; untouched.

You were probably skeptical before you came to this website and you may still be uncertain if there really is such a thing as “unclaimed funds.” Contact us today at 786.717.7412 to obtain more information or fill out the claim form below.

  • Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
  • Forgotten apartment security deposits
  • Forgotten or unused bank accounts
  • Insurance checks or refunds
  • HUD/FHA mortgage insurance funds
  • Lost or forgotten uncashed checks
  • Mineral royalty payments
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Stocks, bonds, dividends and interest and mutual funds
  • Trust funds and probate
  • Tax refunds & more
  • Utility security deposits