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Private Investigators and Detectives


Comprehensive services, resources, and techniques allow an experienced private investigative team to work closely with law firms, attorneys, and corporate legal departments to conduct thorough litigation investigations. We work in the background to provide information, breaking through encryptions and uncovering data and information that may have otherwise remained hidden. With the expertise of a professional investigator, trial preparation and discovery is that much stronger for an attorney. Complex litigation matters are more manageable with in-depth research, analysis, background checks, pre-litigation witness interviews, locating reluctant witnesses, identifying previously unknown witnesses, and much more.


Why Hire Valdes Investigation Group to Conduct Your Litigation Investigation?

  • Under the direction of legal counsel, our legal service support investigations group provides thorough and extensive litigation investigations. We understand the investigative needs of attorneys, what qualifies as proper evidence, and how to conduct investigations that provide admissible evidence in cases.
  • Our investigative experience, training, networks, and research tools are extensive, and we are supported by a network of specialists, both domestically and abroad. VIG has exceptional reach and capabilities where your litigation investigation is concerned. All communications and information gathered remains completely confidential.
  • VIG is a full-service investigative agency with a strong arm in litigation investigation. It is our goal to provide high-quality litigation support, whatever your case needs may be. Call us today at 786.717.7412 to discuss your cases. Find out how the experts at VIG can add value to your efforts.


Litigation investigations are used in various areas of the law, especially where cases become quite complicated and require previously uncovered evidence, witnesses, and more. Here are just some of the areas of the law that benefit from litigation investigations:


Assets Tracing Investigations
Cell Phones Forensics Recovery
Civil and Criminal Background
Civil Litigation Support
Civil and Criminal Background
Computer Forensics Recovery
Criminal Defense Investigations
Criminal Organization Investigations
Financial Fraud Investigations
Frivolous Lawsuits Investigations
Government Corruption Investigations
Heir Locate
Police Misconduct Investigations
Sexual Harassment Investigations
Witness Locate and Interview